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Our Core

We champion content that can translate to impact in communities.

In every production delivered, we prove the power of our medium in changing the mindsets and behaviors of our viewers.

The name Sine De Oro was born from the roots of founders Vic Ryan Julius Ong from Mindoro and Rona Mae Lallana from Cagayan De Oro. With fellow BenildeFilm graduate Joshua Reyles, altogether, Sine De Oro alludes to Golden Cinema as the team’s pledge in bringing out the best in their craft and drive for reinvigorating social filmmaking.

Awards & Recognition

We aim to reel in a broader spectrum of Filipino & International Audiences to take part in the issues behind each stories shared

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Our Services

Creative Social Documentaries

Partnering with prominent foundations and NGOs has allowed us a more intimate and sincere hand in documentary filmmaking. We strive to leave everyone with a better mindset and motivation.

We challenge ourselves in expanding the possibilities of documentary as a viable medium in reaching audiences in ways narratives alone cannot. Combining creative elements praised in narrative with the raw dimension of documentary allow us to achieve more compelling work.

Online Content

Knowing the infinite reach of online platforms, resilient brands must come hand-in-hand with strong statements. Commercials, infomercials, features and other AVPs are proven highly effective in conveying any company’s message.

With shots painstakingly chosen and scripts crafted to maximize engagement, brands are reassured that not a second is wasted in getting the point across in the most memorable way possible. Our team focuses on being able to translate multifaceted ideas into a compact message for the conscious consumer.

Other Services

Events Coverage

Some of our proudest work in the field of covering events has been those that highlighted the triumphs of persevering Filipinos.In doing full-day coverage or just highlights, Sine De Oro is sure to capture essential learnings from seminars and irreplaceable milestones of company events among others.

Foreign Production Assistance

From production management, translation, research, equipment rental, transportation and accommodations, Sine De Oro provides a complete service to foreign productions coming to or needing footage sent from the Philippines. Sine De Oro makes its global mark in assisting networks such as the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, Australian Broadcasting Corporation on documentaries about OFW modern slavery and the Duterte Drug War.


Upon bagging awards for “Chicboy” and “How Fast” under the Short Film and Online category in Cinefilipino Film Festival, Sine De Oro is privileged to have continuously collaborated with filmmakers across the independent and mainstream spectrum in many more festivals. With growing distribution channels and opportunities, audiences are sure to see more of Sine De Oro not just in festivals but partnering with brands for short films released online.

Film Equipment Rental

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Package Deals Offered. Student Discounts Available.

Several packages are offered to suit varying needs such as field friendly equipment needed in documentaries and convenient arsenal for commercials and full-length films. In supporting our growing film industry, co-productions, sponsorships and many other partnerships are possible with Sine De Oro Film Rentals.

Sine De Oro Film Rentals Equipment Catalogue 2019 Sine De Oro Film Rentals Sony PXW-FS5 One-Camera Package Sine De Oro Film Rentals Sony PXW-FS5 Two-Camera Package Sine De Oro Film Rentals Sony A7S One-Camera Package Sine De Oro Film Rentals Sony A7S Two-Camera Package Sine De Oro Film Rentals Atomos Sumo19 Recorder-Playback for Two Camera Package Sine De Oro Film Rentals Student Audio Package Sine De Oro Film Rentals Pro Audio Package Sine De Oro Film Rentals : Camera, Lenses, Adapters Sine De Oro Film Rentals : Drones, Lights, Rigs Sine De Oro Film Rentals : Rigs, Stabilizers, Monitors, Audio Sine De Oro Film Rentals : Audio, Photo, Utility Sine De Oro Film Rentals : Contact


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Filmmaking Workshop


Our crew also makes it a point to pay it forward through lending our talents in Regional and Student Films and by doing our best in sharing our skills and experiences to budding filmmakers.

Whether you are a school, local government or any company interested in exploring basic filmmaking or having a demo of the latest film equipment, please don’t hesitate to reach out and partner with us!

Our Team


Managing Director / Executive Producer

09178466894 /

Rona is a Documentary Director, Digital Content Creator and Video Producer who values relevant content for the audiences of today and for the coming generations. She thrives in producing projects geared towards social impact. Looking back at Sine De Oro’s filmography, her most fullfilling works are ones focused on uplifting human rights, empowering women and protecting the environment (Duterte Drug War coverage, Marawi : Bringing Back The Light, POND’s series, etc.) With a passion for teaching, she pushes aspiring filmmakers on finding their Ikigai (reason for being) before honing their craft.


Associate Producer / Editor

09457397132 / 09297692474 /

Jec is a multi-faceted Filmmaker and Digital Content Creator specializing in Video Editing. Having roots in theater, music and dance, he integrates storytelling methods in ways that reach wider audiences. With every project, he remains firm in shedding light on the marginalized sectors and issues of society such as mental health that are often overlooked. He finds fullfilment through workshops where he sharpens creative skills of the youth, unleashing their potential in this digital age. Jec is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Digital Filmmaking in De La Salle College of Saint Benilde and will always be seen giving warm smiles in the most stressful situations.

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